Mom Dances In Kitchen While Making Tacos

The mere mention of the word “taco” sends me into a taco frenzy. Little hard-shelled tacos stuffed with juicy, tex-mex flavored filling, topped with crisp lettuce, diced tomato, and grated cheese, with extra hot sauce and a dollop of sour cream sound fantastic! I’m just getting started!

What about tacos with soft shells? Tacos de Pescado? Tacos de veg? Tacos de Carne? Pickled onions as a garnish? Salsa from scratch? The fun and possibilities are limitless!

Can you tell I like tacos? Because I really like tacos, and I’m pretty sure that whenever I’m making them or someone is making them for me, I’m doing a happy dance just like this. Tacos make me, and obviously, this mom, over-the-moon happy.

Mom is at home making herself comfortable in her really nice kitchen. She’s got lots of counter space, a full stovetop, and plenty of room to move while she cooks. It’s the perfect kitchen-dance floor set up and mom uses it well!

She’s standing at the stove, browning the meat, and to help pass the time (cause it does take a little bit of time to get it cooked to perfection) she doesn’t open her phone and flip on social media. She’s not watching TV or taking selfies, either.

Nope, this mom is busting a move in the kitchen while cooking up tacos for her family! I love this. She’s got Flo Rida’s “Low” turned all the way up and she’s multi-tasking, getting food on the table while shaking it. She’s totally in her own little world, eyes on the stove, oblivious to anyone watching her let alone recording! She has no idea her sneaky little kids have their camera phone out to catch her in the moment.

She also continues for a while, moving her hips and bobbing her head to the beat before finally doing as the song instructs and dropping it low! She gets back up to put down the wooden spoon and goes to open the flavoring packet (while still dancing!) when she turns around to catch her kids red-handed! “Are you filming me!?

Turn it off!!!” She’s got a big smile on her face and isn’t too angry that they caught her on camera. She’s such a loving mother to make delish dinner and have fun while doing it! I bet these tacos taste extra yummy because of how much she was enjoying herself.

Click below to watch mom make the kitchen her dancefloor.

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