Passerby Breaks Car Window To Save Dog Trapped In Hot Car

Pets, like humans, require safety precautions when left in a car, especially during the summer. On a hot summer day in Canada, a man walks by a locked car with a dog inside but no windows cracked, and the owner is nowhere to be found!

Mark Lewis is the man who saved the dog. “You really have to use your best judgment,” he said, “and on that particular day, the owners of this dog in this car did not use their best judgment.”

Mark came across a black BMW in direct sunlight, where a dog was locked in. The incident happened on June 11th, when the temperature outside was ninety degrees, so the temperature inside the car was probably worse.

People started helping Mark break into the car to save the dog. According to Today, a Kitchener resident said the owners had been gone for about 50 minutes, despite an announcement asking them to come back for the dog.

The dog was sitting on the passenger side, so Mark picked up a big rock and threw it multiple times through the back window until it broke, and he was able to get the dog, named Cotton, out of the car.

When they got Cotton out of the car, he was quite lethargic and drenched in sweat, draping over Mark’s arm. After giving him some water, Cotton’s energy came back within five minutes and was already playing happily.

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