Brain Teaser: Can You Figure Out What Could Be Odd In The Picture?

Brain puzzles are often compared as brain fuel. They test the mind and, let’s not forget, they’re a lot of fun! We understand that all you see at first is a pile of shoes, but trust us when we say that if you look closely enough, you will notice the strangeness in the photo!!!

Okay, so you’ve been staring for a while and there doesn’t appear to be anything wrong. You’ll most likely benefit from some pointers on how to improve your problem-solving abilities. The following are some tips from the Center for Management and Organization Effectiveness on how to become a better problem-solver:

1. Dancing: Science declares that this simple activity can positively impact neural processing. 2. Get a good night’s sleep: We all know that the benefits of sleep are far-reaching so there really should be no surprise with the fact that it is mentioned here.3. Create some psychological distance:

Put some mental distance between you and the problem. This could mean setting aside the teaser for later.4. Get involved in sports: No, this does not mean video games but actual sports. When you are engaged in sports, your brain multitasks between moving, staying ahead of the game, strategizing, etc., and this can have tremendous value in problem-solving.

Brain Teaser: Can You Figure Out What Could Be Odd In The Picture?

5. Work with music: Trying to crack a puzzle while some music is playing in the background is said to be effective. Have you tried these tips? If you are still struggling with the answer, we’ll help you out.’


The odd thing about the picture is that the pink sneakers are both left feet while the rest are left and right feet. If you didn’t get this one, don’t worry. You will get it next time. Meanwhile, keep attempting brain teasers to increase your brainpower.

Do you need more inspiration today? Here is a quick and easy tutorial to boost your creativity to the maximum! Enjoy!

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