The story of this Photo, Who are These Children?

We want whatever is in the water at the Glenpool fire station in Oklahoma! Seven firefighters captivated the internet when they all gave birth to new babies within 15 months. In a few of photos that went viral, the firefighters showed off their gorgeous cuties.

People fell in love with the attractive men in their fire costumes who were carrying their newborns – five girls and two boys – almost instantly after seeing the images. The females wore matching red headbands and bows, while all seven of the baby wore matching onesies!

Speaking to TODAY, Avery Dykes, whose husband and baby are in the photo, said taking the pictures was not as easy as it looked. It was quite the challenge to get the newborns to hold still for a nice shot. Dykes said:

“We were all trying to get our babies to look and smile.” She added that they had to use a bunch of toys to get the children’s attention. The parents said they were only looking to share the photos with friends and family but before long, they started to receive thousands of shares and evoked many good feelings from people all around the world.

Dykes was glad about how things turned out. She said: “We’re glad that we can bring smiles to people’s faces.”She also added that it was a welcome change from all the negativity that surrounds us today. Pictures like these certainly give people something to smile about.

We totally agree. It’s nice to smile at the good things every once in a while. And what’s cuter than adorable little firemen babies?

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