Little Girl Hears Her Favorite Song And Loses Herself In The Music

When my favorite song comes on, I’m adamant that everything and everyone around me needs to immediately “shhhh!” That volume knob gets turned up, the window is rolled down, and I’ll sing at the top of my lungs, especially if it’s a tune I haven’t heard in a while. There’s something magical and uplifting about vocals layered on a melody with solid, relatable lyrics that touch your heart and bring up old memories or create new ones.

And it’s irrelevant how old you are. Young, elderly, and any age in between, music is wonderfully invasive When a 2-year-old finally got to meet his idol garbage truck workers and show them his new toy truck for the first time, he was charmingly overwhelmed and happy!

Quincy Krosner, a 2-year-old from Cincinnati, adores garbage trucks. Quincy’s parents watch him run to the window every week when he hears the truck approaching so he may watch and wave to his that it can move you, from wherever you are or how firmly grounded you think you are. This little girl is the perfect example of that – she genuinely gets swept away in the song. I imagine I probably look like this when I think no one is around!

And, even if I do look like this when no one is around, then I have no problem at all — this little toddler is the cutest thing ever as her beloved tune plays in the background. The song that’s playing is Kari Jobe’s “Holy Spirit.”

Kari’s song was released as a part of her album “Majestic” back in 2014. The genre of this album was gospel, and it was extremely well-received by her fans and the general audience alike. It’s very clear that

the little lady in the video below is also a fan of Kari’s, and she is video proof of the fact that the song was indeed loved by her fans.

Mom caught her daughter lost in a moment in the back seat, and it’s over-the-top cute. The little girl is 2-years-old, and she’s feeling all sorts of ways listening to and belting out this Christian rock song. The video opens to her with her eyes closed, in a moment far away from planet earth, when the song’s uplifting buildup breaks, and drops and she is fully immersed with her heart open, and hands held high.

If you compare the child’s expressions to those of Kari’s when she is performing her song live, you’ll notice a bit of an interesting resemblance. Just like the little one is completely lost in the words and background score of the tune, Kari is, too.

Taking a look at the pictures of the singer, and the toddler having her fangirl moment, you can see their eyes are closed; Kari is fully taken by the song as she sings it, and the toddler is swept away into a whole new world as she listens.

This is such a tender, precious moment. It is a testament to the power of music, and how it can resonate on a soul level – whatever music it is that you like! It can stop you in your tracks, and seamlessly write itself into the soundtrack of your life.


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