Mother Was Worried After Receiving A Photo From The Young Babysitter She Hired

It’s difficult to find someone to look after your baby while you’re at work or otherwise occupied. You must find the ideal person, someone you can trust and who is nice enough to play with your child. If you have a family member who can help you out anytime you need it, consider yourself lucky.

It’s a babysitting ruse. Claudia Sorhaindo, a mother, found herself in a similar circumstance. Claudia was an extremely watchful mother who rarely left her child alone. Claudia’s protectiveness is understandable given the fact that she lost a child in 2011.

She decided to move closer to her family, in the United States, where they showered her with love and helped out when she got pregnant with Ava. So you can understand her sadness and reluctance to leave her baby alone.

On that particular day, she had no choice but to leave her baby with her 15-year-old niece J’ann. Claudia wasn’t very anxious cause J’ann was sensitive to Claudia’s situation and was always ready to help out.

However, while Claudia was on her errand, she got a text with a picture of J’ann and Ava that was unbelievable to her eyes. J’ann had gotten hungry and wanted to make a sandwich, but she didn’t want to leave Ava alone. Therefore, she tucked Ava in her pink shorts and made her sandwich.

The Internet loves it. Claudia said the hilarious picture made her laugh as it was such a creative way to multitask with the baby. She went ahead to post the picture of her Facebook account and had tons of comments claiming it was the funniest thing they had ever seen. All that matters is that little Ava is safe, and J’ann got her sandwich! Kudos to J’ann for her proactive thinking!+

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