Mom Loses $10K Ring, Learns What 6-Year-Old Did. Its Unbelievable

Her pulse increased as tears streamed down her face, and she was rushing out of her house. She couldn’t believe they were gone; they had so many memories for her that they were irreplaceable. She needed to know where they were headed. All she hoped for was that it wasn’t too late.

Caitlin Adkins is currently based in Dublin. Ohia only wanted a fun day at the beach with her family. She just wanted to enjoy her nutritious food and watch her little bundles of joy have a good time. Perhaps she was even reading a few chapters from her book. But, before anything else, something would happen!

Little did she know that what seemed like an innocent action would have dire consequences. She wanted her kids to be safe so she slathered a lot of sunscreen on them. They didn’t like it but that didn’t matter. She wanted her health to be first and foremost.

Little did she know that the sunscreen would pick up a lot of sand and make it a gluey mess on her hands. While her kids were making sandcastles she decided to quickly run to wash off the sand on her hands. To do so she took all of her rings off and deposited them in her, she would learn to regret this decision.

Upon returning her daughter had already made a huge sandcastle decorated with shells. But her daughter looked at her with a frown “It’s not pretty enough. The princess won’t like it.” Caitlin Asked if her daughter would like to add some flowers to make it look nicer. So far the day was shaping up to be a really good one.

Her daughter was having fun taking the sandcastle down when it came time to head home. She gleefully stomped on the sand but Caitlin wouldn’t realize her downfall until it was too late. She always kept both her wedding and engagement rings on her fingers. They were almost a part of her at this point.

]So once she got home and realized that they were no longer on her she felt her stomach twist into a knot. Her rings weren’t in her pocket anymore, where could they be? Her jewelry was worth a staggering 10k dollars! She was going to give her engagement ring to her daughter when she got married, then she had a realization.

She remembered that her daughter was using shiny objects to decorate the sandcastle. Could it be that those were her rings? She rushed to her daughter to ask her the important question. Caitlin piled her kids back into the car and raced back to the beach.

If she got there, maybe they would still be there. She would dig up the entire shore if she had to! She even ran to the lost and found at the information hut to see if anyone had found them. Her final answer was waiting for her, and it was unbelievable. Her little girl had nothing to do with the loss.

It turned out, they had fallen out of her pocket while she was washing her hands in the bathroom. They had tumbled on the floor. Someone had found them and left information for her to get them back. But the good samaritan would end up making her heart melt. Caitlin waited in the parking lot for her savior.

A young girl, barely older than her daughter, leaped from an SUV and dashed over to her, holding out the rings with a toothy grin. This little girl had discovered her priceless jewelry… and knew just what she wanted to do with them. The girl’s father approached, smiling brightly and beaming with joy.

Caitlin listened in awe as he told how the girl never considered retaining them, even for a second. Her first thought was to track down the proprietors, who appeared to be “special, important, and lovely.” That wasn’t all, though. The mother of the little girl was not present, but she had brought her words with her.

“It’s what we do when people aren’t watching is what makes our integrity and character.” The little thing knew immediately she wanted to do the right thing. Tears welled up in Caitlin’s eyes as she threw her arms around the little girl. She also had a special gift ready for the amazing tot. It wasn’t worth a lot, but Caitlin’s daughter said the girl would like it because it was pretty and sparkly.

She handed over the new ring to the little girl – a gift and thanks for being so special. The smiles that were had in the parking lot that day would stay with both families forever.

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