A Homeless Man Was Willing to Clean Windows to Buy Glasses Worth $150; The Shop Assistant Gave Him More Than What He Needed… What was His Reaction is Unbeliveble

Are people willing to lend a helping hand to homeless people when they are rich and in power? A netizen named Akramadinas recently shared a touching video on TikTok. Akramadinas works in The California convenience store Tower Gas, often shared his daily work of a retail business, and also helps homeless people and the needy. He shares touching content that garners more than 3.1 million followers, and his videos are often shared on the internet!

He recently released a video that brought tears to the eyes of internet users, in which a homeless man stood in front of a business counter holding thick cardboard and begged for a job. He explained that because his eyesight was poor, he needed to earn money to buy spectacles and that he would wipe windows for as little as $1.00. He was asking the shop owner if he needed his windows cleaned as well, so the homeless man might supplement his income.

The kind-hearted Akramadinas gave the homeless man a job opportunity, and the man thanked him and went on with his job for the day. Moments later, the store clerk asked him how much he had made for that day. The homeless man took out his wallet and proudly said, “I have earned $11 today!”

“How much do you want to pay for the glasses?” the clerk said. “So you have to clean 150 windows,” the shop clerk remarked, “and the homeless man smiled and said, “Yes, I will continue to work hard until I can get spectacles,” the homeless man said.

The homeless man was taken aback when the clerk reached out and handed him a $500 dollar on the counter, saying, “This I offer you.” Find a place to sleep, get something to eat, and then go buy some glasses!”

At first, the homeless man stared at the bill on the counter, then he suddenly cried with surprise and shouted, “I can buy glasses tomorrow!”․ The homeless man sobbed with joy and hugged the store clerk. Netizens who watched the video were moved to tears saying, “You gave him not only glasses, but you also gave him hope.”

“This is exactly what the wealthy should do.” I’d help others if I had money.” “Even if they are homeless, folks who live on the streets are still humans.” Please refrain from looking at them with a critical eye.” “How pleased his eyes were, how much money he made on his own, nothing to be ashamed of,” she remarked.

“A lot of people make billions, but he was proud to have made $11.00 that day. This video moved me to tears after watching it.” Let’s finally watch the heart-warming video. In this cold weather, the warmth of the heart is the most touching. If you can help people in need, do not hesitate as much as possible!

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