Why This Mom who was Struggling To Finish Marathon Gets Escorted By Cop

A healthy lifestyle is more effective when driven by the will to care for the family. Asia Ford is a motivational speaker and blogger who took a brave leap towards a healthy lifestyle.

Asia saw her then-husband lose a limb due to diabetes a few years back. That’s when she realized that if she wanted to be around her family for a long time, she had to lose a significant amount of weight!

Asia lost 200 pounds in a short period of time with the correct amount of devotion, and she wanted to commemorate the occasion by running in the Rodes City Run in Louisville. Asia had been training for the marathon for months, but on race day, she was unable to complete it.

She had neglected to eat breakfast. Asia was suffering from pneumonia at the time, so she wasn’t in the best shape for the marathon, but she was determined to complete it.

Asia began to feel dizzy about the 5th mile. She was also having trouble breathing but the paramedics that attended to her could not convince her to stop running. Lt Aubrey Gregory overheard the situation so he jumped in to help Asia cross the finish line.

It Gregory and his son, Terrence, held Asia’s hands until the finish line. Asia told the local news that the cop was her “angel” and she is grateful to him for helping her finish the race.

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