Mom Gets Strange Feeling While Dining With Future Son-In-Law. Weeks Later She Screams After Seeing This Picture

When a mother was out to dinner with her daughter and future son-in-law, she had a strange feeling. Despite the fact that the two had been together for some time, she had a creeping notion that she couldn’t ignore!

It all started with a dinner story recounted by Heidi’s son-in-law… Heidi and Ed Savitt married in summer 2017 after dating for six years. The two met at Newcastle University in London in 2011 and have been inseparable ever since…

It had already been four years when the couple had dinner with their moms, Kay and Fiona, which left the mother feeling very odd by the end. Kay told stories about Heidi’s childhood and the “holiday boyfriend” she had during a sailing trip in Turkey when she was six years old.

Two weeks later Kay was looking through a box of old photographs from 1997. She found several photos from the sailing trip they took in Turkey and was absolutely amazing. Kay immediately called her daughter, who also couldn’t believe what her mom had found.

Heidi’s “holiday boyfriend” was actually Ed Savitt. Both families had no idea that the couple had already met decades before. Such a small world! Now that Heidi and Ed are married, the Parkers and Savitt go on vacation each year as one huge family. We bet their photo album is one of the most special ones out there!

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