Strangers Flood Little Boy With Stuffed Sea Animals After His Mom Couldn’t Afford To Buy One. How They Did This?

Parenting can be a very hard job, especially when you’re living on one income as a single mom. Now one single mom is feeling grateful for all the love and support she has received from complete strangers on social media.

According to the US Census Bureau, single moms have the lowest median income of any family type and it was clear that this single mother was in financial distress when two weeks ago, she posted on Reddit about making her son a stuffed manta ray by hand for his birthday since she is too broke to buy him one!

“My son wanted a stuffed manta ray for his 5th birthday but I didn’t have money to buy one, so instead I converted his old baby blanket into one! (Handsewn)” she wrote.


Her article on the “PovertyFinance” forum received over 66,000 likes and thousands of comments of sympathy. “This is adorable!!! It’ll be a hit with him. And it’ll be a special stuffy that his parents went to great lengths to make for him. “I’m sure he’ll keep it forever,” one person said.

“It appears to be fantastic! And far more unique than store-bought. Another user added, “I’m sure he’ll enjoy and cherish it!” Almost immediately, she received hundreds of comments from strangers who wanted to bring her son plush marine animals. She followed up with another photo a few days later.

“I posted here a few days ago about making my son a manta ray because I couldn’t afford to buy one. Look what y’all did for my baby. You are all amazing.” She added, “Thank you all for the overwhelming love and support,” she said.“I never expected this to get more than a few views, honestly thought I’d get roasted.\

Thank you for making a mom who has been fighting like hell for her kids and is exhausted and defeated feel loved. You guys are amazing. Truly, even if it sounds cringe, I know it’s just Reddit but y’all have lifted my spirits tonight and I cannot overstate how thankful I am for that.”

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