Teen On A Mission From Heaven After Being Miraculously Healed Says That…

This teen got his second wind when he was miraculously healed after a deadly accident. He recovered from a very challenging medical condition but this time, with a brand new mission from heaven. Micah Anderson was a smart, funny, and compassionate 13-year-old kid. “Just a very funny goofball, very, very kind and gentle,” his mom described him. He was also into motocross. He was doing quite well, living a normal teenage life. His family’s supportive and they are followers of Jesus as well.

He was thriving, enjoying his life until he had a motocross incident. “The crushing injury of that motorcycle coming down on his head, I really didn’t think there was any way that he could have survived that,” Dr. Jarrett Dodd, his doctor explained. He was almost lifeless. He turned gray and all he could do was just utter a whimper. He was airlifted to the hospital for immediate medical attention. His family was briefed that the chances of survival were slim. They were being prepared for the worst possible scenario that could happen!

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His parents have requested tens of thousands of people around the world to pray for his recovery, including friends, family members, and prayer warriors. “And from the beginning, I had the profound, deep calm that this would be okay even if Micah did not recover,” his mother said. The following months were difficult. Micah was having convulsions. His family began to embrace the possibility of losing him at any point.

“We just laid it down before God. We’re your servants, we’ll do what you want us to do.” Micah’s dad said in a CBN interview. There were no improvements in his condition. He was in a vegetative state. They were told that his condition will be permanent. Three and a half months have passed and they were able to take him home. But his condition remained the same. Family and friends continued to pray and support them. There were times when they just didn’t know what to do but they kept on clinging to God. They faced each day with the grace God provided.

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Then, suddenly things got better. Micah’s dad stubbed his toe while walking in front of his bed. This elicited a response from Micah. His dad heard him chuckle. It was a burst of faint laughter. His dad started to tell him stories and he laughed. The day they had long been waiting for came, Micah talked. Surprisingly, it was about something which was literally, out of this world.

He talked about meeting Jesus in heaven. “I turned around and I was looking into the face of Christ. And the angels were just worshipping Him,” he said. The joy he felt at that moment was indescribable! He said that Jesus sent him back for a mission. He wanted Micah to tell everyone about His and the Father’s great love. People are loved, accepted no matter what they did if they come to the cross.

Micah was inspired to live a joyful life as a result of his newfound purpose! At every opportunity, he told people about his incident. “Why would I spend my time here making other people sad, upset, or disappointed, when I could elevate them and help them feel the joy and love that I felt in heaven?” he said when asked why he could still live cheerfully despite his physical restrictions. Micah is his family’s inspiration. He brings them joy, inspires them, and makes them feel better.

What was expected to be a discouraging, tragic ending turned out to be a life-giving, refreshing encounter not only for Micah but for the people who were inspired by his story. It became a new mission for him. It has given him and the people around him a new way to see life. Time here on earth should be spent drawing people to Christ by loving them.

Micah experienced so much love from Christ that enabled him to love people as well. If only people will realize that they are meant to solely live to love God and His people, life will be like heaven here on Earth.“By this everyone will know that you are my disciples if you love one another.” John 13:35

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