90% Of People can’t Find A cat hiding in this picture – can you find it?

There is a window. There is a wall. And there is a cat. But can you see the cat. Our eyes are delicate and sensitive to various factors. The recent spike in exposure time to the screens of devices such as phones, laptops, and TVs, has not been helpful!

Many people don’t realize how much damage screen time can cause, and in no time their eyesight deteriorates. It’s why we have a fun eye test for you…

The latest addition to the spot-this pictures is a photo of a cat hiding in plain sight. The image features a window and a pink wall with red paint splashed on it. But where is the cat? Were you able to spot it?

If you are still zooming in the picture to find the cat, look closely at the bottom of the right window. The cat is right there staring at you.
How much time did you take to spot the cat?

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