Mother Surprised When Her Newborn Daughter Looked Like This

Until her daughter was 3 months old, looking at her baby’s appearance, comparing it with photos when she was born, this mother immediately smiled like a flower.

When a baby is born, in addition to health problems, the baby’s appearance must also be very concerned by parents. What the baby looks like, is it pretty, pretty, or not is what the adults in the family usually think of first. In many cases, parents have been disappointed. I even cried when I saw my newborn baby looking so “ugly”.

But surprisingly, just a few months later, the baby “metabolized” miraculously, making everyone surprised and happy. A Cḩіᶇᶒᶊᶒ mother was in a similar situation. When the birth was completed smoothly, for the first time, I saw the daughter I worked hard to get pregnant and gave birth to. The mother was so surprised that she burst into tears.

Her daughter has purple-red-red-violet skin that is dark and makes her immediately think of the color of a taro root. Not only that, the baby’s head is still very long, not cute at all. She worriedly asked the doctor and received the answer that her baby was completely healthy and normal. The baby’s head is slightly deformed due to pressure when the baby passes through the birth canal.

Skin color is also not a sign of any medical condition, as the baby grows older, those problems will also disappear. Although the doctor confirmed that the baby was completely normal, in her heart, this mother was still worried and depressed. And so on until her daughter was 3 months old, looking at her appearance.

Then compared with the photos when the baby was born, this mother immediately smiled like a flower. Her daughter almost completely changed her skin, round face with chubby cheeks, big round eyes, and cute mouth. Especially the baby’s skin, no longer purple and purple like before, but turned white and pink, making her extremely happy. It is easy to see that most newborn babies often do not have the beautiful and glittering appearance that parents want.

However, parents can be confident that the youngster will “change his skin” in a matter of months. And this is why newborns aren’t particularly attractive. One is that bathing newborn newborns in amniotic fluid for too long causes wrinkled skin and enlarged eyes. That’s because they’ve been soaking in the womb’s amniotic fluid for so long.

When the skin of the newborn is exposed to the outside air, it wrinkles. Then there’s the malformed head that occurs with normal birth. Because newborns’ heads are crushed during birth, they are frequently deformed, flattened, or excessively long. Parents should not be concerned because the baby’s head will revert to its usual shape after some time.

This is the causative layer, also known as the vernix caseosa wax layer. It has many effects on babies but it cannot be cleaned at 1 time. So accidentally it caused the “beauty index” of the child to be significantly reduced!

Characteristics of newborn skin: Newborn babies have very delicate skin, so their skin is often red. Many children also have jaundice, the skin becomes yellow. After a few months, along with the development of the baby, the baby’s skin will become pink and white.

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