28-year-old Woman Turned Into An Old Lady During Pregnancy, Making Married Women Scared. How she looked before will Amaze You!!!

During the third pregnancy, this woman had to go through the worst things when her face changed so much that she herself could not recognize it.
In mid-April 2020, a post by a Malaysian woman suddenly went viral on social media, first because of the photo and then because of the story, making many women, and even men “pale”

Most people know that pregnancy causes a woman’s body to change obviously after 9 months and 10 days. However, the change of a woman named Nor Sahira (28 years old), from Kulai, Kota Tinggi district, Johor state, Malaysia, is really a nightmare that others also have to look at.

Nor Sahira inherently has a pretty face and smooth skin. Eight years ago, she gave birth to her first daughter at the age of 20 and then the second child. However, the first and second pregnancy did not make Nor Sahira change so much because she was quite young at that time. By the third pregnancy, she had to go through the worst when her face changed so much that she herself could not recognize it!

Nor Sahira’s face quickly turned into wrinkles like an 80-year-old woman, along with dark skin. Nor Sahira lost her confidence so much that she did not dare to look at other people’s eyes.

She felt highly stressed every time she went out since she was the center of everyone’s attention. Nor Sahira demonstrates the changes in her face during pregnancy in a video shared on her personal Facebook page. Her skin tone was darker and her face was bloated.

Sara stated that her shyness stemmed from the fact that her features resembled that of an elderly woman. “My face changed dramatically when I was in the third month of pregnancy,” Nor Sahira stated on social media. My skin grew bloated, puffy, wrinkled, and black with time.

I was surprised because I had never experienced this before. During my pregnancy, I was stressed when I met people. I could only smile even though my heart was hurting.”

Nor Sahira said that although her body and face have changed amazingly, her husband still loves and encourages her to overcome the difficult pregnancy period.

Fortunately, her face was less wrinkled and her skin was brighter after she gave child. Although she is not as attractive as she was prior to pregnancy, this is a positive because she has a handsome son.

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