A son who is deaf gave his mom the ultimate thank-you gift for years of love . What was That will amaze You!

A son who is deaf gave his mom the ultimate thank-you gift for years of love and support by surprising her and paying off her mortgage. The beautiful gesture of Malcolm Jenkins caused mom Claudia Smith, 59, to scream in shock before she danced up and down on the spot and cried happy tears in her Columbia, South Carolina, home.

Malcolm’s sister, Natasha, 37, shared her brother had wanted to pay off Claudia’s mortgage for some time, secretly checking the balance over the past few months. After that, when coming to town recently, Malcolm told his sister of the plan, and initially, he wanted to head to the bank and cut his mom a check.

However, to help build up an element of suspense, Natasha suggested that Malcolm should make the gesture over the phone, with his sister offering to make the call for him at their mother’s home. On August 4, with the family gathered, Claudia was told initially that Malcolm, 39, was looking to make a smaller, one-time payment as a gift to her – meaning she was totally unaware of what was to come.

Natasha then went over payment details with the representative on loudspeaker before the person on the other end of the line inquired if she was going to utilize that information for the next month’s payment. “I truly want to use it to pay off the account,” Natasha murmured, as her mother’s breath caught in her throat.

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As hearing those words, Claudia let out a “What?!” before dancing up and down on the spot and heading to hug Malcolm – who lost his hearing at three years old – as he sat nearby. After that, she cried happy tears as Natasha completed the process. Claudia’s other daughter, 40, captured the moment on video before sharing it on social media later.

“My brother lost his hearing at three years old, but that never stopped him from living and excelling in life. “He saved his money from working to do something like this for our mother. “My mom made sure as we all grew up that there was nothing we could not accomplish despite any odds that may have been stacked up against us.

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“He is a living example of being able to do everything you set your mind to.” It was priceless when her mortgage was paid off! “We will never be able to thank her for all of the sacrifices she has made for us over the years — no amount of money will ever be enough.” She is still a huge support to all of us in anything we want to achieve; we are all adults now, but she is just as present as she was when we were kids.

“We love her wholeheartedly and this was just a small way to show her that.”

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