Useful Fun! Can you spot a coffee bean among the candies and lollipops?

In the whirlpool of the busy life, we may lose focus and become stressed. That’s why reloading the brain seems like good for some relaxation. Solving puzzles and concentration tests may offer you a break from the routine, entertainment, and a good brain exercise!

How attentive are you? You have a chance to check it with these 4 tests. Ready to start? Try to find the hidden object as quickly as possible!

1. Can you spot a coffee bean among the candies and lollipops? If you are a sweet tooth, it must be hard to take your eyes off them, but you have to try!Did you succeed? If not, you will be able to check the right answer below. And now, try another test.

2. There is a grasshopper sitting among the leaves. How fast can you find it?

Practice mindfulness. It means being totally aware of what you do and why you do it. On top of that, mindfulness presupposes focusing on your physical and emotional experience throughout the day.



We hope these attention tests made your day brighter and inspired you to train your brain regularly!

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