A woman who had her teeth pulled out and left unable to eat cries as she gets a stunning smile makeover. You can’t Believe your Eyes If you see How She Looks now!

Can you imagine having all of your teeth pulled out? That’s exactly what happened to Brittany Negler, 29, of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. She turned to dr”ugs and got so addicted that her teeth started to rot!

Brittany went to a dentist to have them fixed, but she was told that her teeth weren’t ‘fixable’ and she had to ‘get them all pulled.’She was also given dentures, but they were so large that she couldn’t even close her mouth and eat, causing her to lose a lot of weight.

Brittany Negler at Dr. Kenny Wilstead's office

She started drinking bottles of Ensure to try and gain back some of the weight she was quickly losing, but it didn’t work. Desperate for help, she reached out to cosmetic dentist Dr. Kenny Wilstead, who gladly gave her a $30,000 smile makeover!

When they got in touch, Brittany just weighed 79 pounds and was on the verge of getting a feeding tube.The mom told Dr. Wilstead about her traumatic story while at his office in Garland, Texas. She explained that it all started when her older brother d’ied of cancer when he was 18. Brittany was a teenager at the time, and her family separated shortly after the tr.agic loss. She thought that was her fault, too.

“I went to a dark place, I’m not going to lie,” she explained. “I started hanging out with the bad kids. I got really depressed. I was like, I need to take care of myself.” When Brittany went to rehab, she admitted to her family that she blamed herself for her brother’s de]ath. They assured her that wasn’t what happened and told her “it was just his time to go” and that he wanted her to be there when he took his last breath.

Dr. Wilstead said there was nothing in her dental records saying that was necessary. Brittany was also given ill-fitting dentures, but it gave her so much pain when she chewed. Brittany wore a sweatshirt over three T-shirts and had two pairs of pants on to try and hide how thin she was.

Brittany Negler on the verge of tears after getting new dentures

“I’m so excited to be here because I just want to eat again. I wear baggy clothes,” she said. Online trolls would also inundate her with cruel messages about her missing teeth and how skinny she was, calling her a “crackhead.”

Before she contacted Dr. Wilstead, Brittany said she was “ready to call it quits.” The doctor fitted her with removable dentures during a series of appointments. The end effect was spectacular—Brittany had a new grin and looked absolutely wonderful!

Brittany Negler showing off her new smile

In the video, a tearful Brittany looks in the mirror for the first time and breaks down in tears as she sees her new smile for the first time. She leapt from her chair to hug Dr. Wilstead, evidently grateful for this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Brittany Nagler’s remarkable dental makeover may be seen in this video.

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