Why This Mother Called Cops At Home?

When you’re a young boy everything seems so big and real even the bad things and sometimes the best way to forget about those bad things is to hop on a horse and ride off into the sunset. When you’re used to sharing your room with someone, and they move out, it can feel awfully lonely in that room. And sometimes, if you’re a little boy, it can get a little scary.

When Hayden’s 15-year-older sister moved into her own room, lots of spooky thoughts started creeping into the youngster’s head. Was there a bad guy under his bed? Was there a monster in his closet? You may think that’s just silly stuff. But try to remember back to when you were Hayden’s age. Your imagination went wild with all the horrible, scary things that it could conjure up, especially when it started to get dark!

Yeah, you remember. No different for Hayden, who just moved near Eldridge, Iowa, with his family. That’s when Hayden’s older sister got her own room. Hayden is like all 6-year-old boys. He believes in all the superheroes. But with that, he believes in all the bad guys they deal with. They are all very real to him. And it was causing him an awful lot of anxiety.

Of course, the fact that Hayden saw advertising for a couple of horror movies immediately before bedtime didn’t help matters. Amanda, his mother, tried to persuade him that it was all a figment of his imagination; movie magic. But that didn’t help in the least. She also tried night lights, “monster spray,” and even sleeping with the family dog. None of this, however, seemed to work.

So, finally, Amanda took her young son to the police department in Eldridge, and she told Officer Bruce Schwartz about Hayden’s bad-guy issues. He listened to her with understanding and compassion. Then, Hayden asked the officer if he could check his house to make sure it was good and safe. He agreed, and off they went back to Hayden’s house.

Officer Schwartz checked every place he could and assured Hayden that everything was just fine and there was no threat to him at all. And then he told Hayden he should think about only good things when he’s in bed preparing to go to sleep.

Officer Schwartz told the boy that when goes to bed, he often thinks of being a cowboy and riding a horse. Well, that night Hayden tried it, and it was still a struggle. But the very next day, as the youngster was getting ready to go to his first day of school, he looked out the window and spotted Officer Schwartz pulling into the driveway. Hayden lit up.

The cop was there to keep an eye on him and make sure he was okay. He was telling the officer that before going to sleep last night, he considered becoming a cowboy himself. Amanda was touched by the officer’s consideration for her son. And now SHE can get a better night’s sleep.

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