Who are the hares hiding from?

Our eyes are delicate and sensitive to various factors. The recent spike in exposure time to the screens of devices such as phones, laptops, and TVs, has not been helpful!!!

Who are the hares hiding from?

Scroll down to see the answer!

Many people don’t realize how much damage screen time can cause, and in no time their eyesight deteriorates. It’s why we have a fun eye test for you… In addition to the official eye test you get at the hospital, you can take this quick one so that you can determine how soon you need to see an optician. In the image below, there are four numbers in total, and you have to identify each number on your own, using your eyesight.

These Picture Puzzles are all of a different type. One of these picture puzzles requires you to find a hidden letter/number, while another requires you to find a hidden animal in the given photo puzzle image!!!

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