This amazing Kids give parents the fine dining experience at home for their wedding 15 anniversary. Look how beautiful was all done!!!

One of the best places to celebrate any couple’s wedding anniversary is in a fine dining restaurant. The sad thing is most of the restaurants are closed nowadays due to the coronavirus pandemic. People are also not allowed to gather in groups and travel to other countries and states. Nonetheless, this unpleasant situation did not hinder these two boys from San Francisco from making their parents happy on their special day!

Brenden and Jaqui Brown had been arranging a trip to Las Vegas to commemorate their 15th wedding anniversary. They were not only anticipating a good dining experience in such a bustling location but they were also planning to reaffirm their vows in a small white chapel in Vegas. However, when the coronavirus struck the United States, their planned weekend excursion was canceled.

Jayden, 11, and Jentzen, 9, came up with a kind proposal for their parents’ wedding anniversary after realizing that their current condition would prevent them from taking a weekend getaway. The two got up early on the anniversary day to plan their special surprise for their parents. They decorated the dining table with flowers and candles to create the atmosphere of a restaurant.

On the day of the anniversary, the two got up early to prepare their little surprise for their dear parents. They set up the dining table with flowers and candles to mimic the ambiance of a fine dining restaurant. They also prepared a menu and hand-written cards for their mom and dad. When everything’s ready, they woke their parents up and led them to the dining room.

Fine dining at home for their anniversary.

What was waiting for them was beyond the couple’s expectations. They were so surprised to see a beautiful and romantic table setup. Dressed as a waiter, Jentzen took their orders while his brother Jayden cooked in the kitchen. The boys came back with bowls of cereals that their parents surely loved. “It could be the best Frosted Flakes I’ve ever had in my life!” Brenden proclaimed.

Brenden and Jacqui were so amazed by how their little kids made an ordinary breakfast very special. Of course, it was made with love, commendable effort, and pure creativity. The couple’s fine dining experience didn’t end with just a hearty breakfast. While they were eating, Jentzen serenaded them with his guitar. They truly enjoyed this fine dining experience at home and with much satisfaction, they even gave their “waiters” a tip for an amazing service.

Kids gave parents a fine dining experience for their anniversary.

Jacqui shared this beautiful story on Instagram and it quickly surfaced on social media, warming the hearts of the netizens. “The most beautiful surprise from our two boys,” Jaqui wrote on Instagram. “My heart bursts. We will never forget our 15th. They have made it so special.” A lot of people commended the boys for pulling off such a sweet and creative surprise for their parents.

At a young age, they surely know how to keep their parents happy in their own special ways. In this time of uncertainty, all we can do is follow the rules our leaders have made for our safety. While staying at home may be boring and uncomfortable for some, it is actually our perfect chance to make time for ourselves and our families.

Though we can’t celebrate outside and meet others, we can still make special life events memorable, like what these brothers did. Watch the video to witness how Jayden and Jentzen made their parents’ wedding anniversary very special while staying at home:

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