This girl married a poor guy from India. Here is how she feel about her decision now After 10 years

Elya and Puru began a romantic relationship, although everyone around believed that the young people would disperse, because Indian men, as a rule, marry girls of their nationality.

But no matter what, Elya receives an offer from Puru to get married, which of course complicates relations with relatives very much. After all, the parents of both of them did not expect such a choice of their offspring, but they did not interfere. Soon the couple got married and they had a son. The family lived in Elya’s homeland for a while, but then it was decided to leave for Puru’s homeland.

Despite the fact that she knew she would face many challenges there, Elya travelled with her beloved husband. Elya had to adjust to her new situation. Nature, quiet, and tranquility are significant pluses. However, she must endure some hardships that are foreign to most people who have grown accustomed to all the advantages of modern civilisation.

The girl says that in an Indian village it is not customary to glue wallpaper — she has to live in a house with concrete walls. Electricity is delivered to her house according to a schedule — the network is “cut off” at six o’clock in the morning, and then turned on at 11. The next day, the electricity is turned off at 11 a.m. and again given at six o’clock in the evening.

“Since we are given electricity every other day, we filter water in advance so that we always have a supply of clean water. To do this, we pump water into huge containers, which, in turn, are connected to a filter, shower, and toilet. One day we imperceptibly ran out of water in the filter container, in addition, the pump burned down, and we filtered out of the rain.

The next day there was still no electricity in our house. Therefore, the water was brought from the nearest well in a carton oxen,” she recalls. ⠀ At the moment, the woman is a housewife, she takes care of the house, her son and runs the household. And she also found a favorite activity, she actively blogs on social networks, where she talks about her life in India.

This wonderful couple is really happy, despite the absence of some familiar benefits. “There are absolutely different people here. They adapt to literally everything, to any living conditions,” Elya sums up. Source:

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