Can you imagine! The woman gave birth to a girl only at 66. Now the girl is 14 and she is a beauty

This story took place in Romania in 2007. Adriana gave birth to a girl. It would not seem anything extraordinary if Adriana wasn’t then 66 years old. This woman became the oldest mother in the world and set a record. But a year later, another Spanish woman bypassed her: she gave birth, being almost a year older than Adriana.

Adriana married only once and divorced at the age of 24. The woman lived alone for more than fifty years. She always wanted to have a little one, but in no case could she find a worthy father.

World's oldest mother Adriana Iliescu broody again at 72 | Daily Mail Online

In addition, Adriana worked too hard to think about the little ones. Thanks to technology, being already old, a woman was able to undergo an IVF procedure and get pregnant. So Eliza was born.

Despite her mother’s advanced age, the girl was in excellent health. This wonderful cause has been covered by the entire media. They also talked about Adrian in other countries. However, they progressively ceased writing about it. Adriana and Eliza continued to live in peace. They live in a standard flat.

World's oldest mother Adriana Iliescu broody again at 72 | Daily Mail Online

Adriana earns a little pension, but she is very capable of supporting herself and her daughter. Nobody knows if she made money through interacting with the media. If that’s the case, it could be a pleasant supplement to her meager pension and help this family’s living situation.

Adriana is considered the most popular among those who gave birth at an advanced age. The rest of the “elderly moms” are trying to keep a low profile. As for Adriana, she always willingly communicated with the media and gave interviews,

World's oldest mother Adriana Iliescu broody again at 72 | Daily Mail Online

let herself and her daughter be photographed. Adriana says that passers-by often call her Eliza’s grandmother. But this does not bother her at all, because she loves her daughter so much that she has never regretted her decision.

Eliza grows up as a completely ordinary teenager. She walks with her peers, goes to school. Peers in no way react to the fact that her mother is older than ordinary mothers, do not persecute, and do not offend Eliza for this.

Ce se întâmplă, de fapt, cu Adriana Iliescu. Detalii de la apropiați

In general, the girl leads a simple and happy life. At the moment Eliza is already fourteen years old. Adriana crosses the threshold at eighty years old. I would like to believe that the woman will live for many more years to raise her daughter.

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