The secret of the long life

Almost every inhabitant of the post-Soviet space knew about this man. After all, his life was written about in newspapers, magazines, and filmed TV shows. Once he was even invited to the “Blue Light”. But today few people remember Shirali Muslimov.

He became famous as a long-lived man because he lived 168 years. By nationality, Talysh, such a feature is not uncommon for these people. During all his years of life, Shirali had 23 offspring: 13 sons, 10 daughters, and 100 grandchildren. He had three wives.

His large family numbered in the hundreds. At the age of 136, he married for the third time to a 57-year-old woman. However, no one expected this couple to produce children. Shirali’s family welcomed a daughter a year later. As a result, the couple was inducted into the Guinness Book of World Records as the world’s oldest parents. This is what made Shirali All-Union famous.

Muslimov lived for 168 years, while his wife survived for 104, outliving him by 15 years. Both parents witnessed their daughter’s development and even married her off. The secret of a man’s longevity, he believes, is clean mountain air and the vigor of his native region!

And he also never had any bad habits: he never drank or smoked. He always ate healthy and clean food and worked very hard physically. A man has always believed that laziness does not lead to anything good. Muslimov’s passport stated that he was born on March 26, 1805, and he died on September 2.

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