This girl wanted to remove the split ends, but the stylist had another plan. Here is how she looks now

The beauty of hair depends on the state of the body, its care, and genetic data. If you often use aggressive paint, curling iron, hair straightener, styling products – you can damage your hair!

Dull, dry, lifeless – they only spoil the image and add age. Julie is Spanish by nationality. She has curly hair. She loves long hair, but she burned her own badly with paint and attempts to style them.

The hair looked terrible. Dry, split, hard – like a washcloth. she came to the salon to remove the split ends, but the stylist shaved her! Julie was ready to change her image and trusted an experienced specialist.

She was determined to appear well-groomed. Julie began to cry as soon as the process began. Her lengthy hair made her feel sorry for herself. The girl, on the other hand, realized that they couldn’t be saved. The girl was numb when the haircut was finished and she saw the result.

She appeared to be ten years younger and stunning! She’d never had a short haircut before and would never have chosen it on her own. However, the hairdresser persuaded her that her hair was too damaged to be saved.

Her new image has been well received by her friends and acquaintances. The girl transformed into a sophisticated beauty. Julie herself is ecstatic about the new look. She’s glad she took the chance!

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