This girl is both blonde and brown-haired. How could this be?

Bella Hill from Lincoln is a real phenomenon. Most of her hair is brown, but at least a quarter of her hair is straw-blond. When she was born, her mother and grandmother spent a long time figuring out and arguing about the color of the newborn girl’s hair. Scientists explain that part of Bella’s skin is affected by poliosis!

Melanin is a pigment found in hair that gives it its color. Polio patients have a low level of melanin in the roots of their afflicted hair, or none at all.
The hair on the affected area is discolored and lacks pigmentation. This is regular hair that has been bleached off. This is not an issue for girls; on the contrary, Bella relishes her advantage!

Our little heroine has grown her hair long so that it can be styled in different ways. When she was little, it didn’t matter to her, but as she got older, Bella realized that she could skillfully use her feature. In the morning, she decides who she should be – a brunette or a blonde. The girl parts her hair as she wants.

When Bella puts on a girly dress, she becomes a blonde. And when she dresses in a more sporty style, for example, jeans and a hoodie, she turns into a brown-haired woman. Her friends are jealous of her because they can’t do it without dying hair. But interestingly, Bella even has eyelashes of different colors in her eyes: brown on one eye, light on the other!

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