Can you find Who Is The Robot?

Puzzles can be fun ways of de-stressing and, as usual, we have something interesting for you!One of the people in this picture is a robot. The question is: Can you find it in 7 seconds?

It sounds like an awfully short time to complete the task, seeing that each person looks quite like ordinary humans in the pictures, but if you pay attention to details, it is very easy!

Anxiety disorder is quickly becoming an epidemic, which comes as no surprise. The majority of people are rushing through their days, juggling unreasonable schedules, and staring at fast-changing visuals on screens. Finally, all of this appears to increase one’s stress levels.

It turns out that completing a puzzle does not just cause emotions of joy; it also causes a release of dopamine. Because it keeps blood pressure and heart rate low, dopamine has a relaxing impact. Now, let’s return to the riddle. Were you able to solve the problem? Have you noticed the telltale indication that distinguishes the robot?

Try to look for something that seems odd and stands out. Do you see a person with an antenna? Yep! That’s the robot you have been looking for. No normal human would have an antenna attached to their head. Hence, that’s the robot!

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