This veterinarian took the kittens home with him to ensure their survival. And here is how everything ended

The lucky kittens were found alone in the rain and brought to the vet clinic. There were three of them, newborn and without mom to take care of them/ They had a lot of problems such as hunger, dehydration, running nose, etc!

Gill, one of the doctors of the clinic decided to take the kittens home and take care of them in order to help them to find a new home in new families later on. He was doing his best to help the kittens to recover.

Finally, he was able to assist the two of them, and they are now perfectly healthy as a result of his efforts and determination. Gill has developed a strong attachment to the kittens and recognizes that they require their own owners and homes.

He finds it difficult to understand that there will come a day when they must separate ways. He is currently caring for them and bringing them to work, as well as dealing with them during his breaks.

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