95 % People Can’t Spot The Huge ERROR In This Picture Of A Coffee Shop! But Can You Find It?

Solving riddles and picture puzzles is a fun way to give your brain the daily exercise it needs while also reducing your stress levels. For this brainteaser, challengers must find the huge mistake in the picture of a coffee shop! But not many people can spot it. What about you?

Let’s get started! Look at the image below and see if you can see the massive mistake! Three clients and a waitress are depicted in the photograph. The first customer is working on his laptop, the second is still looking through the menu, and the third is sipping her excellent coffee.

The image may make you want to reach for another cup of your favorite coffee, but don’t let it take your attention away from your aim! Viewers must locate the fault in the image. Have you found it yet?

Congratulations if you have already discovered the error! You are one of the few people who saw it immediately away. But if you’re still looking, you can find the answer below, but make sure you’ve already done your best! You might even enlist the assistance of friends or family for added fun! Are you prepared to give up? Scroll down to find out where the error is!

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