The tooth fairy is waiting for the girl to fall asleep to leave a coin under her pillow. Can you find it?

Some people have such good eyesight that they can find a mistake in the smallest of details with such skill they make us wonder if they have error detection glasses attached to their eyes. Then, there’s another group of individuals, perhaps yourself, who know someone with error detection glasses but don’t know it yet.

These tricky brain teasers are prime examples of how important it is to put your mind towards a challenge and then go about solving it with perfection. All they require at the end of the day is a little effort, focus, and plenty of concentration. In this particular case, the makers of the challenge need you to focus with your eyes.

Therefore, here is where your observation is put to the ultimate test. Different people from different age groups solve puzzles and according to this certain challenge, statistics showed they quite a few viewers struggled. Well, it’s less about IQ and more about vision so that’s out of the question.

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