Choose the color of the cup you prefer and read about your Personality Characteristics

Never underestimate the power of color psychology! Dr. Max Lusher created his color test in 1969, and it has been enormously popular since then. The test is simple to administer, but the results reflect a person’s inner state. It is widely used in psychology, psychiatry, and psychoanalysis because it reaches deep into our subconscious, revealing a person’s true nature!

The Lusher color diagnostic can provide a detailed picture of a person’s psychophysical state, as well as his social and stress-resistance abilities. It’s always fun to look inside yourself and find something new and hidden. The task is simple: choose the color of the cup you prefer and arrange the rest of the cups from the set!

Check the description below! According to your own list, these types of personalities apply to you more or less. Blue – “Depth of Feeling” passive, concentric, tranquility, calm, tenderness

Green – “Elasticity of Will” passive, concentric, defensive, persistence, self-esteem/assertion, pride, control. Red – “Force of Will” ex-centric, actively aggressive, competitive, action, desire, excitement, sexuality. Yellow – “Spontaneity” ex-centric, active, projective, aspiring, expectancy, exhilaration

Violet – “Identification” unrealistic/ wishful fulfillment, charm, enchantment. Brown – Bodily senses, indicates the body’s condition. Black – Nothingness, renunciation, surrender, or relinquishment. Grey – Non-involvement, and concealment.

The developed believed people whose choice of color’s order is similar have many personality’s similarities. Max Lusher always believed that everyone has a unique perception of color,

and we choose it following the inner unconscious impulse. It means that we unfold our real essence. Have you already discovered who you really are?

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