Watch how This amazing 3-Month-Old Baby Sings With Her Mom

Music undeniably brings people together. It has unexplainable magic that binds family, friends, and even strangers together. Moms bond differently with their daughters. They see them as their “mini-me” so they make an effort in showing their love for their little girls as much as they can!

Talking to their unborn child while they’re still inside their tummy expresses the excitement that moms have as they wait for their baby to arrive. When kids are born, they bring joy to their parents’ life right away.

Moms and dads demonstrate their love for their kids by talking to them as if they already comprehend what they’re saying. According to experts, babies can understand what we say to them long before they can speak, and they respond to noises, particularly those that they are accustomed to from birth.

Because they still cannot produce actual words, babies respond to conversations by crying, cooing, and laughing. Baby Willow captures her mom’s heart with just her mere existence, but she makes her heart melt when she shows adoration in her mom’s singing.

Willow’s mom, Ariana, sings “My Girl” to her precious little girl, and her baby responds with coos and smiles as if complimenting her mom’s voice.

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