There are 5 Mistakes in this picture, can you find them all?

If we told you that puzzles and riddles never get out of trend, would you believe us? It’s no surprise that we adore brain twisters that make you feel fabulous when you score correctly!

Whether it’s the weekend or a weekday, there’s nothing that a good challenge can’t fix. And if you’re craving a little healthy mental fun today, here is a challenge that’s sure to light up that smile!

Here’s a dramatic situation from a basketball game, as you can see. In less than a minute, can you detect the errors? Remember, the only tip we can give you is that there are a lot of them!

Have you worked out what the problem is? If you answered yes, scroll down to see how well you did! As you can see, there were a number of flaws in this image. To assist them stand out, the errors are highlighted in color. How many did you manage to locate?

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