Can You Find All THREE Mistakes In This Picture? 99% Of Viewers Failed The Challenge!

Spotting mistakes can be like looking for needles in haystacks which is why it is important to train your eyes to spot the smallest of details. If you like a good challenge and aren’t afraid to put your mind to the test, we have a perfect set of puzzles waiting for you!

These pictures will not only test your visual skills but also your logical thinking. Are you ready? In the picture above, you can see a young lady paying a visit to her doctor. It appears that the doc just took a sample of her blood for analysis!

In the room, you can also see various objects such as shelves full of items and a desk with vials of blood, and a computer screen on it. How many mistakes have you already spotted? Is there something wrong with the doctor or her patient? Or do the errors concern the objects in the room?

After you’ve finished guessing, scroll down to see the answer and double-check your work! But don’t be fooled by your eyes! Three big errors can be spotted anywhere in there. If you look closely enough, they might start to materialize.

One of the mistakes on the right-hand shelf. It, along with the stuff on it, has been turned upside down. Another can be found on the left. In a doctor’s office, why are there so many dishes and cooking utensils? The third blunder is right in front of your eyes. The green-shirted girl is suspended in mid-air!

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