An elephant is lost. Can you find him in this picture?

An elephant is lost. Can you find him? In the painting below, the artist portrayed men hunting an elephant. Apparently, the elephant was trained but escaped. He turned out to be very smart and hid from them.

Tip: Try looking at the image from different angles. Interesting puzzles to test your mental skills. Smart people can guess it in just 1 minute! You need to try to find the elephant in the photo. Where did he hide?

Is it possible to locate the elephant in the photograph? Is scratching your head and rubbing your eyes pointless? But don’t give up; keep looking! You can either subject yourself or a friend to the test. You will not be sorry if you choose to concentrate on this intriguing image.

It is said that how we see reality determines who we are. With the genuine boundary we set for ourselves, our subconscious and imagination open up a universe of unlimited possibilities. A lost elephant is the subject of an attention test. Are you able to locate him?

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