85% Of People Couldn’t Find The Hidden Bell In This Picture, can you?

A picture puzzle is making rounds on the internet and driving people up the walls. If you like a good challenge and aren’t afraid of putting your eyes and mind to the limit, we have a perfect test waiting for you!

In the picture below, you can see an old man talking to a young boy. Somewhere in there, you can also find a big bell. Spot it in less than a minute to pass the test! Have you found the hidden object?

Make sure to look around every corner and inspect each building thoroughly. It’s possible that the bell is hidden somewhere! Also, take in mind that the bell you’re looking for could not be an actual bell. It can just be a figure that looks like an object.

With that stated, examine again closely and find that bell before you run out of time! Congratulations if you’ve already located the bell! You’re one of the few people who completed the challenge. If it doesn’t work, you can always look at the solution below. But first, make sure you give it your all. To solve the puzzle, concentrate on the haystack and the buildings behind the old man. Here’s the correct response:

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