Can you find the gladiator’s missing sword?

Take a look at the picture puzzle below and try to find the gladiator’s missing sword before the opponent gets to him! The gladiator’s sword is definitely hiding somewhere in the picture. In fact, it’s not even hiding, it’s been in plain sight this entire time!

If you’re struggling with seeing it, we suggest you double-check the gladiator’s outfit to make sure everything looks as it should. How quickly did you find the hidden objects in these puzzles? Let us know in the comments and don’t forget to SHARE this post with your family and friends. For more riddles and visual tests, follow us on Facebook!

Solving riddles and picture puzzles is a great way to give your brain the exercise it needs. Brain games like sudoku, chess, and scrabble can help improve your critical thinking skills, sharpen your memory, and boost your productivity in life…

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