A 71-year-old woman’s daughter placed a hidden camera in mother’s nursing home. The videos revealed a dark secret

A 71-year-old woman’s three daughters had a bad feeling every time they went to visit their mother in the nursing home. It went on for a long time before one of the daughters suggested installing a hidden camera. The goal was to see if there was any basis for their concerns!

And after the daughters installed the cameras and watched what they recorded, they discovered far more than they could ever imagine. What the camera documented was simply unbelivable.

Strange things were happening in their mother’s care facility, the three sisters suspected. Because Joy Lewis has Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease, her daughters found it difficult to gain answers from her about what was going on.

But the three sensed something was off when she told them that the employees didn’t like her. Suspicions arose almost immediately, and the sisters resolved to action their instincts.

It can be seen on the camera that the crew was pulling Joy with their hands. The 71-year-old woman could be seen crying at one point in the video, but her pleas fell on deaf ears.

It was the young daughter, Kelly, who bought a clock with a camera on Amazon. “I felt guilty and my heart pounded when I installed it. I told the staff that I thought it would help my mother with her confusion if she always saw from her bed what time it was.

To see these videos, to see my mother crying, it broke my heart”., Kelly explained. On several occasions in the video, Joy asks to go to the bathroom but her request is simply ignored. The team shows no interest in helping her, and she remains weeping and has to deal with the situation herself.

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