This couple 15 years ago adopted a boy from Congo. Now he is 18. How his life turned out?

The couple wanted to have a child. However, they couldn’t and decided that if it turns out that way, they will not resort to surrogacy and IVF, but will take child from an orphanage. The couple decided to give the African child a chance for a happy life. The family went to the Congo, they thought that the procedure for adopting a boy from Africa was very simple!

But it turned out quite the opposite. There are absolutely different rules and principles. The adoption took about 2.5 years, plus all this time the couple solved bureaucratic issues. In addition, the couple had to pay the authorities 35 thousand dollars for the child. Elena concluded for herself that the orphans of Africa are part of their business. When Mathias was finally able to go to his family, he was 3 years old.

Elena began his training. In addition, the youngster had a number of undiagnosed ailments, and his parents began to take him to hospitals. The couple’s biggest setback was that all of their family and friends turned away from them; no one wanted to accept a dark-skinned child into their environment. Parents were constantly caught condemning glances and speaking behind their children’s backs.

They concluded they couldn’t live in such conditions and fled to the United States. They had been residing in a different country for the past 15 years. Mathias is now 18 years old and ready for college. The boy enjoys basketball and plays on the school team. His parents gradually revealed the truth about his adoption, and he now longs to return to his birth country.

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