Police Discovered a Family Of Seven Who’s Spent 9 Years In Cellar Waiting For ‘The End Of Time’ Has Been

There have been quite a few reports about the end of the world throughout the years. Many people don’t believe in such a thing but there are some who isolate themselves to prepare for the apocalypse!

Some humans, known as uncontacted individuals, live in isolation, awaiting the end of the world. It might happen by choice, but it can also happen because people have been duped into believing they are the only living beings on the planet.

Police in the Netherlands were summoned when a pub owner was approached by a guy who claimed he and his brothers were imprisoned in a farmhouse basement, waiting for the end of the world.

Later, authorities uncovered a 58-year-old guy living on a farm with six siblings ranging in age from 18 to 25. The children’s relationship to the man is unknown. They apparently lived in the basement for 9 years.

The eldest sibling managed to flee and ran to seek assistance. The owner of the bar mentioned that he had brothers and sisters who lived on the farm. He stated that he was the oldest and that he wanted to put an end to the way they were living.

According to Dutch media, none of the family members had any interaction with the outside world, and neighbors assumed the man lived alone on the property. It was said that the children were unaware that other individuals existed in the world.

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