This girl has no lower jaw. How she looks now after operations?

Many people became aware of a girl named Yaroslava Titorchuk from Ukraine as a result of a popular TV show in which doctors assist those in need. Yaroslava has been through a lot in her life. She grew up in a troubled environment where her parents had unhealthy habits and died young as a result.

The girl was sent to an orphanage by social services, but her grandma “rescued” her after a while. Because the woman was elderly, she was unable to adequately educate and care for her teenage granddaughter. As a result, 13-year-old Yaroslava became connected with a bad corporation, and she began to drink, smoke, and use drugs in an attempt to “cure” her mental scars.

As a result, she began to have terrible health issues, and physicians at the hospital warned her that she needed to have her lower jaw removed immediately because severe inflammatory processes had already begun there. Furthermore, in order for the girl to live a complete life and not be afraid to look in the mirror, a costly prosthesis was required, which Yaroslava did not have.

For help, the girl turned to television. Doctors performed a number of operations, put a prosthesis (for which people from all over the country helped to raise money) and were able to completely restore the lower part of the face. After that, Yaroslava got on the right path, she no longer drinks alcohol, got married and gave birth to a son. Now she works in a rehabilitation center, which once helped her get rid of her addict-ion.

Outwardly, the girl has become noticeably prettier. In the photos, her eyes are full of happiness and joy. Netizens argue: some believe that the girl is not worthy of happiness, since she voluntarily ruined her life, while others are sure that it is not her fault and everyone who once stumbled has the right to a second chance.

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