Unusual beauty. Who is this model with the biggest eyes?

Each model has a certain “zest” in appearance, which helps her to become recognizable. We would like to introduce you Maria Oz, a resident of Ukraine, a blogger, and a director of videos created in the stop–motion technique. Recently, it has been known far beyond the borders of its native country. Instagram users dubbed Maria the owner of “the biggest eyes in the world.”

The dominant beauty trend in recent years has been an unusual, “alien” appearance. Owners of unusual facial features are now held in more regard than ever before – after all, many brands want to collaborate with them. Furthermore, hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of Instagram followers, inspired by the bravery and ingenuity of their Instagram heroes, enjoy seeing such models!

Maria Oz, a Ukrainian model and artist, is discussed on The Network. The girl rose to prominence due to the size of her eyes. Maria is frequently chastised for utilizing photo manipulation – after all, can eyes really be so big? However, the Internet sensation handles naysayers with poise, demonstrating that she seems the same from every viewpoint — both in random images and in professional movies for numerous brands and portals.

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