‘My Husband Just Told Me He’s In Love With My Sister And…

A wife was devastated after her husband confessed his feelings for her sister. The woman explained on Reddit that her sister is her best friend and the only family member with whom she communicates. She was also her ‘protector’ throughout their childhood, keeping her strong when she faced challenges. She claims her husband and sister have similar personalities because they “share the same sense of humor, love for music, books, movies, and games.”

The woman stated that she was delighted to fall in love with the male version of her sister, and that their good relationship was important to her because they were her only family. “After six years together, we married a year ago, and I’m now 27 weeks pregnant with our first child.” Her husband’s behavior, however, abruptly changed after her sister met her boyfriend.

“He got along very well with me and my husband,” she wrote, “though I always felt that my husband never really liked the guy.” “When I asked him why he didn’t like him, he became flustered and apologized, saying he didn’t realize it was noticeable.” He simply didn’t think he was good enough for her. Her husband’s demeanor worsened when her sister’s boyfriend finally proposed and she said yes.

“We were just having pizzas and they were having beers on my sister’s balcony when the boyfriend just went down on his knees and pulled out a ring,” the woman explained. “She was surprised, but happy, and she said yes.” “My husband was a little tipsy when we got home.” He said he wasn’t tired and that he was going to have one more beer and watch TV before going to bed.” “I went back to the living room, and he was crying,” the heartbroken wife explained.

“When I asked him what was going on, he told me that he had been in love with my sister for years but knew how wrong he was.” The wife was devastated, but she was unsure whether she should tell her sister or keep it to herself and pretend nothing had happened. “I’m not sure what to do or how to feel about this,” she continued. Redditors were quick to weigh in, with one saying, “You will forever be comparing yourself to her and doubting his love for you.”

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