A 23-year-old woman gave birth to quintuplets, which occur only once every 480 years. How they appear today

The couple was informed that they would have more than one child, but they did not know “how many more.” Both parents had twins, and they suspected that they might be the “family tradition’s” heirs. They can even design their own!

The first ultrasound revealed that there was more than one cub. They were already mentally preparing for twins or triplets. They were unaware that “it is not accurate.” The doctor summoned Alexandra for a second opinion in order to determine the number of embryos. Alexandra was wearing four of them, according to the clarification.

They find out a few months later that they will have five children. “When we finally found the fifth head, I burst into tears.” There were 40 staff members present during the delivery to ensure that everything went smoothly.

There were four boys and one girl born. Danielle, Michael, Alex, and Martin were their names, and Teresa was their daughter. This is the first case of five twins being born naturally in the Czech Republic.

Quintuples are born once every 480 years on average. The cubs were found to be healthy, and photos of their development are now regularly posted on the network. Everyone is attempting to assist the couple in any way they can. People send items for children, money, and gifts. Milovice city authorities donated an apartment to the family.

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