A rich man met a homeless old man outside on a very cold night. “I notice you don’t have a winter coat; are you cold?

Whether or not we keep the promises we make to others reflects our character. Unfortunately, we sometimes fail to do what we promised, and while this may not seem like a big deal to us, it can break someone’s heart and cause them to lose faith in humanity. The following story demonstrates why we should never make a promise unless we are absolutely certain we can keep it.

“I notice you don’t have a winter coat; are you cold?” “I don’t, but I’m used to it,” the elderly man replied after a brief stare. The rich man, surprised and saddened by the response, told the homeless man, “Wait for me! I’m going into my house right now to get you a thick coat to keep you warm at night.” The elderly man was overjoyed. He couldn’t believe someone took the time to do something nice for him.

Unfortunately, the rich man forgot about the homeless once he returned home. He only remembered the promise he made the day before and rushed outside to give the coat to the poor man. Unfortunately, it was too late. Instead of the elderly man, there was a note that said, “When I didn’t have thick clothes, I had the strength to fight the cold weather because I was used to it, but when you promised to help me, I attached myself to your promise and that took my strength to resist.”

The man had died, shattering the rich man’s world. This story serves as yet another reminder that our promises should be held sacred and never broken because they can mean everything to those in need. Please SHARE this story on Facebook with your family and friends.

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