Officers hear squeals coming from a suitcase and what discover there inside is unbelievable!

It was an unprecedented event for the Humane Society of Tampa Bay. Officers from the Tampa Police Department discovered a mama dog and her puppy running in a busy neighborhood near the highway and took them to the shelter.

However, when police returned to the area, they made an alarming discovery. They heard something and saw a pink suitcase outside of a vacation rental. “When they returned to the scene to investigate further, they discovered a closed suitcase with squeals coming from inside, outside a vacation rental,” the Humane Society of Tampa Bay wrote on Facebook.

When they opened it, they discovered six puppies inside. The mama dog and puppy they had discovered earlier proved to be the mother of these six puppies! “We are so grateful they returned to save these puppies,” the shelter’s staff wrote.

“Mom, a Terrier Mix, is resting here, and our amazing staff is caring for all seven 5-week-old puppies in our puppy nursery.” The puppies are estimated to be around 5 weeks old and dehydrated when they arrived, but they are all doing well now. The puppies will be available for adoption when they are old enough.

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