Can you find a hidden balloon in this picture?

Chuck Dillon is an award winning cartoonist and illustrator for Highlights Magazine, PBS, Sprout. In this illustration, A gust of wind blew the trail map up and away. Can you help Heidi, Zeke, and their friends find the map and the following objects? Bird, banana, crown, golf club, balloon, bat (mammal), mug, comb, glove, and mushroom.

In today’s challenge, we will test your logical thinking and your ability to spot tiny details that can make a big difference. We came across this problem while browsing the internet; shockingly, very few people can solve it! When you glance at the photograph, everything appears to be normal, with nothing out of place.

However, there is a huge problem here. Can you find the error? Pay attention to the finer points. Remember that your brain may try to fool you by making you focus on unimportant things.

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