These Siamese twins were born to the mother in 2012, and their separation was agreed upon immediately. How they look now after 7 Years?

Angela Formosa was taken aback when she discovered that the twins she was carrying had the same intestines. However, English doctors were able to perform a miracle: the newborn Siamese twins were successfully separated. The doctors informed me right away that the two fetuses were quite close to one another. The twins joined between the sixteenth and twentyth weeks of my pregnancy, according to a specific scan I had…

“I can’t even begin to tell you how shocked and terrified I was,” Angela Formosa continues. Given that Angela and Daniel, a London taxi driver, already had a five-year-old daughter named Lily who is in excellent health, the news that they would have to raise Siamese twins seemed unexpected. When they were born, we had no idea what to expect. The fact that the doctors did not specify how the girls were linked is something the twins’ parents remember with dread.

Pediatric surgeons Agostino Pierro and Edward Keely from Great Ormond Street Hospital, one of the premier facilities for treating Siamese twins, will separate the children during surgery. The experts quickly advised that the babies had a slim chance of survival. Doctors determined that the children needed to be delivered one month early in order to have a remote chance of survival.

When Rosie and Rabi were born, it was discovered that their intestines were connected at the navel and shared a non-functioning section. The newborns arrived at the operating table a few hours after birth because they required an emergency procedure. Despite the fact that there was no guarantee that the baby girls would survive, the doctors did the unthinkable.

“ We are pleased with the treatment’s results. “The children will require treatment in the future,” Professor Pierrot said, “but we believe that they will eventually be able to live regular, happy lives.” Rosie and Rabi, two 12-week-old infants, were rescued, and their parents are relieved that they can now live at home peacefully. Angela reports that they are progressing well. They are normal, boisterous kids who smirk and scream when they are upset.

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