If you need proof that not everything you read on social media is true, look no further than the Japanese girl with an old man’s body.

Nowadays, there are numerous hobbies to choose from. There are some that make you wonder and others that make you cringe. A Japanese man over 50, for example, has an unusual hobby: he uses the identity of a young girl on social media…

Photos edited with the FaceApp app are uploaded for processing. Real-life Japanese men bear no resemblance to women. Furthermore, it is not clear from the image that he is a man of a reasonable age. He takes a selfie and then uses the app FaceApp to transform into a stunning young woman.

He then uploads the photos to his social media profile. More than 13,000 people have subscribed to his channel in a short period of time, demonstrating his widespread popularity. He has no intention of concealing his gender from his adoring fans. In other words, “I am a guy who is well over the age of 50. I work from home. However, I do have a favorite pastime. The Japanese person then describes how they use FaceApp to create and edit selfies.

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