A woman in a simple outfit and a sad expression entered a supermarket.

Whatever religion you practice, whoever you choose to praise on a daily basis is always watching. They are present even in the darkest of times, when you feel abandoned. Finally, life is about how we get back up after we fall. The reactions you have when you are hit with a curveball. Do you jump at the chance to help others, or are you so caught up in your own world that you can’t see the harm you’re causing with that limitation?

Today’s story will include a spiritual component. Those who believe there is no such thing as chance. It all starts with one strong woman of faith. Someone who has been guided by the guiding hand of her faith, knowing that her God is always present and leading the way to a brighter future. Without bringing down anyone in the process. Sandy had always had a deep faith in God. She was raised religiously and carried her parents’ morals and values into adulthood.

Sandy struggled in school as she grew older. She had no idea why, as her parents had failed to take her to a therapist. Nothing much had changed by the time she graduated. Her slowness made it difficult for her to keep a job for an extended period of time, and she was in and out of unemployment offices. She only desired a table job to support herself and her future family.

Sandy’s faith remained a constant companion despite her difficulties. It never faltered, no matter how many bad cards she was dealt. It was enough for her to know that someone was always there to love her. This guidance was all she needed, but she developed a dislike for seeking help outside of her religion. Although this is not always possible. She recently learned this lesson.

Sandy now has her own children to look after after a few years. It was getting close to Christmas, and she was worried about money, which wasn’t unusual. Whereas most families were concerned with buying gifts, she was concerned with putting food on the table. Their kitchen pantry was empty one day. Sandy then went to the grocery store. She went in knowing full well that she couldn’t afford anything. Sandy was dressed simply and appeared depressed.

It was humiliating for her to ask for handouts. She had no choice but to try for the sake of her children. She approached the shop owner and asked, sheepishly, if she could take the items on credit. The man was notoriously unkind, and he regarded her with disdain. But the shopkeeper turned her away, saying he didn’t have anything to spare. The woman was heartbroken and walked away, embarrassed and defeated, with tears in her eyes.

Sandy was standing on the sidewalk outside the store. She still didn’t have enough food to feed her family. This triggered an uncontrollable flood of tears, which she couldn’t hold back. A stranger stopped and handed her a tissue as tears welled up in her eyes. This brought on a flood of tears. Sandy was informed by the man that he had overheard her conversation with the shop owner. He runs a shelter, and he thought the shop owner’s actions were unreasonable. He gently took her elbow and led her up to the shop owner.

He began telling the haughty man that he needed to pay for Sandy’s groceries. The ship owner, on the other hand, had a mean glint in his eyes and ignored the kind stranger. The shopkeeper seemed hell-bent on humiliating Sandy. Sandy said yes when he asked if she had a shopping list. The shopkeeper turned around and told her he would weigh her shopping list and give her the food equivalent. Sandy handed over her shopping list despite the stranger’s protests.

The shopkeeper burst out laughing as soon as he saw her list. It was basically a feather-light piece of paper. The shopkeeper made a show of putting it on the scale, but no one was prepared for what happened next. The scale sank as if he had dropped something extremely heavy on it. The stranger and the shop owner were both taken aback by the miracle. The shopkeeper began putting food on the scale to try to balance the weight. However, the scale remained stationary. Sandy couldn’t stop smiling as the shopkeeper kept adding more food to the pile.

They eventually reached a compromise, and the shop owner couldn’t help but pick up the shopping list and examine it. He discovered that the list did not include a food selection, but rather a prayer. “Lord, the Lord knows my needs; I leave this situation in Your hands,” the prayer said. Even though he knew the prayer was directed at him, the shop owner was surprised to buy it. Sandy returned home with a shopping basket full of groceries for her pantry.

Sandy returned home beaming from ear to ear, relieved that her family would not go hungry. Not to mention that her faith had once again saved her. The woman began praying every day after that, knowing that it was her faith that had brought her such a generous and caring friend. And she knew that no matter how difficult things became, she could always turn to God and be assured that she would be cared for.

The shop owner was so taken with the miracle of the shopping list that it inspired him to be a better person. He started a food stamp donation drive that was only supposed to last until Christmas. However, it was so successful that he continued to run it all year. Sandy returned in the new year to express her gratitude once more. Sandy was offered a job as a cashier after a lengthy conversation with the shop owner.

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